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2024 Security Trends: How generative AI is changing the threat landscape

Hosted by:

Jon Oltsik

Jon Oltsik

Distinguished Analyst & ESG Fellow

Jake King

Jake King

Elastic Security Lead & Co-founder Cmd Security



In 2024, we'll begin to see new types of cybersecurity challenges that will demand both hypervigilance and strategic measures.

ESG Research recently conducted a survey of security leaders on the impact generative AI will have on cybersecurity. Elastic Security Labs has also uncovered key findings and trends identified from months of investigation.

From these findings, Jon Oltsik, Distinguished Analyst & ESG Fellow, and Jake King, Elastic Security Labs Leader & Co-founder of Cmd Security, will discuss the top trends they're seeing, and how to prepare in 2024. Topics will include:

  • How organizations are using generative AI for cybersecurity today and future use cases on the horizon
  • Types of defenses organizations are building to protect themselves from AI-based cyberattacks
  • The impact of ransomware, malicious code, and adversaries
  • Key metrics used to measure the effectiveness of generative AI for cybersecurity
  • What's at risk for security teams when security operations aren't adapted to the current threat landscape
  • Where organizations should plan investment in the coming year

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