Cloud detection and response

Continuously monitor multi-cloud and hybrid environments with Elastic Security AI-driven security analytics to glean insights and context on prioritized cloud threats and enable swift threat detection, investigation, and response.

Elastic Security for XDR, with Hosts overview, host alert details, and endpoint response action menu

Detect, investigate, and respond to cloud threats with context. In real time. At scale.

Elastic Security's Cloud Detection & Response (CDR) unifies your approach to cloud security. Choose native protection for built-in defense or extended protection with data from your existing tools for a richer context. See everything, prioritize actions, and act fast with real-time threat detection and response. Secure your cloud, your way.

  • Unify your cloud view. Gain insight.

    Collect and ingest all cloud telemetry data — logs and security info from IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. This holistic approach delivers unprecedented visibility across your entire cloud environment. Empower yourself to detect and analyze threats effectively.

  • Detect threats with AI context

    Stop threats faster with Elastic Security. Uncover the most critical threats, complete with rich context, through powerful analytics. Prioritize and investigate real threats to accelerate response and strengthen your overall security posture.

  • Open and flexible

    Empower your security stance with Elastic Security's open and flexible architecture. Seamlessly integrate data across various cloud platforms, services, and third-party tools. Optimize costs while ensuring comprehensive visibility. Remain agile in evolving security landscapes without sacrificing capabilities.

Go beyond CDR

Unify your organization's approach to CDR with Elastic Security.

  • SIEM

    Detect and respond to threats at cloud speed and scale.

  • AI for the SOC

    Supercharge your SOC with AI-driven security analytics.

Frequently asked questions

What is Elastic Security's approach to cloud detection and response from Elastic?

Elastic Security offers a comprehensive CDR solution that empowers you to unify, detect, and respond to threats across your cloud environment.

Unify: Gain continuous visibility by ingesting data from diverse security tools and logs.

Detect: Leverage prebuilt and customizable detection rules powered by AI and Machine Learning to identify suspicious activity in real time.

Respond: Automate response actions to isolate threats and minimize damage.