Logstash 1.4.0 GA Has Been Unleashed

Today, we are releasing Logstash 1.4.0 GA!  This release is the culmination of several months of adding features to and maturing Logstash.

To recap, here are some of the key features and changes from 1.3 to 1.4:

  • The Elasticsearch output now supports “action" (index or delete) and merges all 3 methods of communication into one plugin (node, transport, and now http too!).
  • Upgraded Elasticsearch to version 1.0.1 and Kibana to version 3.0.0 GA.
  • Added a great new default index template for better mappings and performance out of the box.
  • Huge improvements to the documentation, including a great new Getting Started Tutorial.
  • Many new tests for plugin correctness and performance help us produce releases that keep your logs flowing.
  • New packaging: we release a tarball now instead of a .jar. RPM and DEB packages be released concurrently with the tarball.
  • Completed the split of some plugins into the contrib package.  This core/contrib split will help us communicate where we invest a lot of testing time and what plugins are supported more directly by the community.

Also we wanted to give a big THANK YOU to the community for all their help with tests and the patches that went into this release! The Logstash user base does so much to move the project forward, and Logstash is so much better for it.  This release had some great features, but we are particularly excited about the quality and maturity improvements in it.

You can read the full changelog, or jump right to the downloads!

As always, we welcome and encourage feedback. Check out the release and let us know what you think. Happy Logstashing!

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