Brewing in Beats: Last step before the GA

Welcome to Weekly Beats! With this series, we're keeping you up to date with all that's new in Beats, from the details of work in progress pull requests to releases and learning resources.

In the past week we released 1.0.0-rc2 and we are now ready for our first generally available release!

Filebeat fixes

Two more important bugs were reported, tracked down, cornered, and fixed.

One was about lines above 1023 character potentially getting truncated due to a buffer that was unintentionally reused.

The other could cause Filebeat to get stuck in case of quickly rotating files and we’ve got reports for it several times, so we are quite happy that we could reproduce it and fix it before the GA.

Fixed error handling in Elasticsearch output

We found an issue with the error handling code of the response from Elasticsearch. The code assumed the “error” key to be of type string, which is no longer true in Elasticsearch 2.0. The fix came just in time for RC2.

Copy beat.hostname into host in the Logstash beats plugin

The beats use the “beat.hostname” for the hostname where the Beat is running, but other Logstash plugins typically use the “host” field for the same thing. This caused annoyance to users, so we listened and found the compromise of having the Logstash Beats plugin automatically copy “beat.hostname” into “host”.

System tests for Winlogbeat

The Winlogbeat (ICYMI, the Beat for Windows events logs) got python system tests and integration tests to mirror the automated tests for our other officially supported Beats.

Topbeat on RaspberryPi

Our own Robin Clarke played with cross-compiling Topbeat for ARM and tried it on his RaspberryPi. It just worked :-). Not quite an official supported platform for the Beats yet, but it’s good to know that’s well within reach.

Release fever

We’re doing the last bits of work in preparation for the GA release. Stay tuned!

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