Brewing in Beats: Add openSUSE support

Welcome to Brewing in Beats! With this weekly series, we're keeping you up to date with what's new in Beats, including the latest commits and releases.

Official support for openSUSE 42

We have added an openSUSE 42 VM to our packaging tests in beats-tester, so we can officially support it starting with version 6.0. Note that this doesn’t change our stance on SUSE or openSUSE 11, which is that we provide binaries but they are not officially supported. The main reason is that while openSUSE has switched to systemd, SUSE still uses init scripts, and the init script that we ship with the RPMs doesn’t work on SUSE out of the box.

Audibeat: Kibana 5.x version for the dashboards

Auditbeat now contains dashboards compatible with Kibana 5.x, so that it’s convenient to use with the previous version of the stack as well.

This change didn’t make it for 6.0.0-rc1, but we intend to include it in 6.0.0-rc2.

Other changes:

Repository: elastic/beats

Affecting all Beats

Changes in master:

  • [Logging] Include Logstash host info in debug messages #5198 #5208
  • Allow IndexPrefix to be set. #5161

Changes in master:

  • cms_get and cmd_set mixed up in memcached module #5189

Changes in master:

  • Improve logging for Size changes #5194
  • Fix default paths in macOS for Redis 4.0.1 #5173

Changes in master:

  • Fix flaky reload tests #5221
  • Fix packetbeat flaky tests #5200
  • Fix kibana tests #5199

Changes in 5.6:

  • Updated testing env 5.6.1 #5191

Changes in master:

  • Remove changeme password from the docs #5214
  • [DOCS] Update link to certgen command #5197

Changes in 5.6:

  • Bump docs version 5.6.1 #5192
  • Close changelog for 5.6.1 #5190

Changes in 6.0:

  • Close changelog for 6.0.0-rc1 #5185
  • Update outputconfig.asciidoc #5157