Logstash 1.4.0 beta 2

We are pleased to announce the second beta release of Logstash 1.4.0! The following major features are:

  • The elasticsearch output now supports "action" (index or delete) and merges all 3 methods of communication into one plugin (node, transport, and now http too!).  This means that the elasticsearch_http and elasticsearch_river plugins will be deprecated in a future release.

Other points of note:

Since the first beta we've had tremendous support from the community!  We have had numerous bugs filed and patches submitted.  We've been really pleased by your enthusiasm and support! Thank you!

You can view the full changelog for this beta here: https://github.com/elasticsearch/logstash/blob/v1.4.0.beta2/CHANGELOG#L1-L21

What’s the ‘beta’ mean? All tests are passing, but we are leaving some time to allow the community to kick the tires and take it for a test drive. Additionally, beta means that some new features may change before general release.

Get started and download the new tarball package:


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