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Monitoring Azure with the Elastic Stack - Feedback Welcome

At Elasticon 2018, we introduced the upcoming Logstash Azure Monitoring module, which will be the easiest way to monitor Azure infrastructure and services with the Elastic Stack. It comes with the turnkey experience you have come to expect with Logstash and Beats modules - centralized log and metric ingestion, automated processing and enrichment, and a suite of packaged Kibana dashboards for immediate monitoring exploration.


With this module, you will have the ability to monitor your Azure subscriptions in various ways:

  • Analyze infrastructure changes and access request activity
  • Identify suspicious behaviors and potential malicious actors
  • Perform root-cause analysis by investigating user activity
  • Monitor and optimize SQL DB deployments
Activity Overview
SQL DB Overview

The Logstash Azure Monitoring module will be coming soon. In the meantime, if there are questions or feedback on the integration, please reach out to The initial release of the module will include Kibana dashboards for the Azure activity log and SQL DB. As we continue to grow this integration over time, we want to make sure we build what our community needs. If there are additional Azure integrations you would like to see going forward, please do take a minute to fill out our short three question survey. Appreciate your time in advance, and looking forward to hearing from you!

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