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Logstash Core

  • The Logstash engineering team is hard at work on Logstash 1.5 RC3, with the release planned in the near future. Stay tuned to this blog for the announcement!
  • Recent fixes for 1.5 RC3 include:
    • Grok Filter Regression: Fixed an issue where coercion of int and floats in Grok pattern was causing empty fields to be created in some cases. The fix was pushed upstream to the Grok library.
    • Shutdown Robustness: Fixed shutdown sequence issue in core and plugins which were not shutting down gracefully. The Jenkins job which installs all plugins, runs specs and shuts down is successfully passing.
    • Packaging Jars in Gems: We dropped the existing strategy of downloading dependent jars at install time; we are instead packaging them with the gem. Our previous implementation using jar-dependencies led to issues with proxy support, pre-release version not working and so on. Also, since we already install and ship Logstash with default plugins (and dependent jars) we did not see much benefit to the new approach.
    • File Input: Users mentioned permission issues with sinceDB during Logstash shutdown when used with file input. We while writing state to sinceDB in the Filewatch gem.

That's this week's line on Logstash. Stay tuned for RC3!

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