Metric aggregation map contextedit

Use a Painless script to map values for use in a scripted metric aggregation. A map script is run once per collected document following an optional initialization script and is required as part of a full metric aggregation.


params (Map, read-only)
User-defined parameters passed in as part of the query.
state (Map)
Map used to add values for processing in a combine script or to be returned from the aggregation.
doc (Map, read-only)
Contains the fields of the current document where each field is a List of values.
_score (double read-only)
The similarity score of the current document.

Side Effects

state (Map)
Use this Map to add values for processing in a combine script. Additional values must be of the type Map, List, String or primitive. The same state Map is shared between all aggregated documents on a given shard. If an initialization script is provided as part of the aggregation then values added from the initialization script are available. If no combine script is specified, values must be directly stored in state in a usable form. If no combine script and no reduce script are specified, the state values are used as the result.


No expected return value.


The standard Painless API is available.