Regional availability of instances per GCP regionedit

The following table contains the complete list of instances available in Elastic Cloud deployments per GCP region:

Regions Instances



Asia Pacific East 1 (Taiwan)

Asia Pacific Northeast 1 (Tokyo)

Asia Pacific Northeast 3 (Seoul)

Asia Pacific South 1 (Mumbai)

Asia Pacific Southeast 1 (Singapore)

Asia Pacific Southeast 2 (Jakarta)

Australia Southeast 1 (Sydney)

Europe North 1 (Finland)

Europe West 1 (Belgium)

Europe West 2 (London)

Europe West 3 (Frankfurt)

Europe West 4 (Netherlands)

Europe West 9 (Paris)

ME West 1 (Tel Aviv)

North America Northeast 1 (Montreal)

South America East 1 (Sao Paulo)

US Central 1 (Iowa)

US East 1 (South Carolina)

US East 4 (N. Virginia)

US West 1 (Oregon)