URL Decodeedit

The urldecode processor specifies a list of fields to decode from URL encoded format. Under the fields key, each entry contains a from: source-field and a to: target-field pair, where:

  • from is the source field name
  • to is the target field name (defaults to the from value)
  - urldecode:
        - from: "field1"
          to: "field2"
      ignore_missing: false
      fail_on_error: true

In the example above:

  • field1 is decoded in field2

The urldecode processor has the following configuration settings:

(Optional) If set to true, no error is logged in case a key which should be URL-decoded is missing. Default is false.
(Optional) If set to true, in case of an error the URL-decoding of fields is stopped and the original event is returned. If set to false, decoding continues also if an error happened during decoding. Default is true.

See Conditions for a list of supported conditions.