Upgrading to version 4 of the agentedit

4.0 of the Elastic APM Python Agent comes with several backwards incompatible changes.

APM Server 6.5 requirededit

This version of the agent is only compatible with APM Server 6.5+. To upgrade, we recommend to first upgrade APM Server, and then the agent. APM Server 6.5+ is backwards compatible with versions 2.x and 3.x of the agent.

Configuration optionsedit

Several configuration options have been removed, or renamed

  • flush_interval has been removed
  • the flush_interval and max_queue_size settings have been removed.
  • new settings introduced: api_request_time and api_request_size.
  • Some settings now require a unit for duration or size. See size format and duration format.


The method to write processors for sanitizing events has been changed. It will now be called for every type of event (transactions, spans and errors), unless the event types are limited using a decorator. See Sanitizing data for more information.