Supported technologiesedit

If the agent doesn’t support your favorite technology yet, you can vote for it by participating in our survey. We will use the results to add support for the most requested technologies.

Operating systemsedit

The agent supports Linux operating system.

PHP versionsedit

The agent supports PHP versions 7.2-8.2.

Web frameworksedit

Automatic instrumentation for a web framework means a transaction is automatically created for each incoming request and it is named after the registered route.

We support automatic instrumentation for the following web frameworks.

Framework Supported versions

Framework-less PHP application (i.e., application using PHP’s built in web support)


6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Data access technologiesedit

We support automatic instrumentation for the following data access technologies.

Data access technology Supported versions Notes

PHP Data Objects (PDO)

The agent automatically creates DB spans for all your PDO queries. This includes PDO queries executed by object relational mappers (ORM) like Doctrine & Eloquent.

HTTP clientsedit

Automatic instrumentation for an HTTP client technology means an HTTP span is automatically created for each outgoing HTTP request and distributed tracing headers are propagated. The spans are named after the schema <method> <host>, for example GET

Framework Supported versions

curl extension

Guzzle library

Capturing PHP errors as APM error eventsedit

The agent automatically creates APM error events for PHP errors triggered by the monitored application. See PHP errors as APM error events for the relevant configuration settings.