Quick startedit

Automatic instrumentation for gRPC can be enabled for both client-side and server-side gRPC calls.

Automatic instrumentation for ASP.NET Core server-side is built in to NuGet package

Automatic instrumentation can be enabled for the client-side by referencing Elastic.Apm.GrpcClient package and passing GrpcClientDiagnosticListener to the UseElasticApm method in case of ASP.NET Core

app.UseElasticApm(Configuration, new GrpcClientDiagnosticListener()); 

Configuration is the IConfiguration instance passed to your Startup type

or passing GrpcClientDiagnosticSubscriber to the Subscribe method

Agent.Subscribe(new GrpcClientDiagnosticSubscriber());

Diagnostic events from Grpc.Net.Client are captured as spans.