Azure Service Busedit

Quick startedit

Instrumentation can be enabled for Azure Service Bus by referencing Elastic.Apm.Azure.ServiceBus package and subscribing to diagnostic events using one of the subscribers:

  1. If the agent is included by referencing the Elastic.Apm.NetCoreAll package, the subscribers will be automatically subscribed with the agent, and no further action is required.
  2. If you’re using Microsoft.Azure.ServiceBus, subscribe MicrosoftAzureServiceBusDiagnosticsSubscriber with the agent

    Agent.Subscribe(new MicrosoftAzureServiceBusDiagnosticsSubscriber());
  3. If you’re using Azure.Messaging.ServiceBus, subscribe AzureMessagingServiceBusDiagnosticsSubscriber with the agent

    Agent.Subscribe(new AzureMessagingServiceBusDiagnosticsSubscriber());

A new transaction is created when

  • one or more messages are received from a queue or topic subscription.
  • a message is receive deferred from a queue or topic subscription.

A new span is created when there is a current transaction, and when

  • one or more messages are sent to a queue or topic.
  • one or more messages are scheduled to a queue or a topic.