Beats 1.0.1 released

Today we are releasing a patch release for the Beats, fixing some of the issues reported since the 1.0.0 release.

Download links for Topbeat, Packetbeat and Filebeat

Release notes

Changed the default bulk size for the communication with Logstash

The previous default was quite high (10000), which worked good in normal operations but could cause a significant increase in memory usage when Logstash was temporary unavailable. We have reduced the default to 200, which worked good in the real world installations that we tried it on. The setting can be changed from the bulk_max_size option from the logstash setting in the configuration of any of the Beats.

Improved the force_close_files configuration setting

The force_close_files settings exists in Filebeat to deal with the way Windows still shows deleted files in the file system until they are closed by all the processes that have them open. We tweaked its behavior a little to better detect when files are rotated on Windows. See this ticket for the discussion.

Fixes and performance improvements for the Redis and MongoDB parsers

Several performance issues and crashes in the Redis and MongoDB protocol implementation in Packetbeat have been solved. Please see the release notes for the links to the relevant tickets and pull requests.
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