List deploymentsedit

As a first example of using ecctl, run the ecctl deployment list command to retrieve information about existing deployments. This is a good way to check if ecctl is configured correctly and if you have any deployments already created.

ecctl deployment list
ID                                 NAME            ELASTICSEARCH                      KIBANA                             APM                                APPSEARCH
00be03849b6a49c1a6541e3ccb5958d2   marvin          00be03849b6a49c1a6541e3ccb5958d2   266e456acf257588a9cde6fb4569d4a0   78c096c22e12408b878083b2d5ff6bcf   -
147cdeace6404c3e4b5018e1401647e4   biggerdata      147cdeace6404c3e4b5018e1401647e4   443a9df7b33952f45921c5823cbad4bc   4678ce52d45547e463455ede663cb4a4   -