Logstash Lines: Pipeline Input and Output

Welcome to Logstash Lines! With these weekly series, we're keeping you up to date with what's new in Logstash, including the latest commits and releases.

Did you know that Logstash 6.2 is already available? Try it and let us know what you think.

Connecting multiple Logstash pipelines

The Pipeline Input/Output has landed, and will be part of 6.3.0! In #9225. Users will finally be able to easily connect pipelines on a local Logstash instance in an efficient way. You can check out the documentation for the feature here.

In-progress: Javafication

The conversion of features to Java continues. This week we ported the output #9340 and filter #9380 delegators to Java.


Changes in master:

Changes in 6.0:

  • Backport: Add pipelines.yml and log4j2.properties to config file list #9348
  • Backport: LS_HEAP_SIZE and jvm.options fix #9344

Changes in 5.6:

  • Backport: Add conditional coding to set correct default for codec #9363

All changes

Logstash core

  • Ensure path consistency: #9367
  • Fixed PQ encoding issues: #9307
  • Correctly handle duplicate hash key error message: #9343
  • Improve error messaging for NOEXEC tmp directories: #9293

Logstash integrations

logstash-codec-netflow - 3.12.0

  • Added support for IPFIX from Procera/NetIntact/Sandvine 15.1

logstash-input-beats - 5.0.14

  • Update jackson deps to 2.9.5

logstash-input-beats - 3.1.31

  • Update jackson deps to 2.9.5

logstash-input-google_pubsub - 1.0.6

  • Ignore acknowledge requests with an empty array of IDs. Fixes #14

logstash-input-jmx - 3.0.6

  • Fix documentation issue (correct subheading format)