Logstash Lines: DNS filter improvements

Did you know that Logstash 7.4.1 is already available? Try it and let us know what you think.

DNS Filter - Add search domain to nameserver config

The nameserver configuration option has been extended to allow defining search domain(s) alongside the nameserver address(es). This option allows the resolution of hostnames that are not FQDNs.

For more information refer to logstash-filter-dns#56 and the documentation of the "nameserver" option here.

The JDBC Streaming filter now supports Prepared Statements

Prepared Statements support brings both improved security and better performance as they prevent SQL injection and caches query parsing and execution on the server side respectively. The support for Prepared Statements was initially added to the JDBC input plugin (logstash-input-jdbc#349), and it has now also been added to the JDBC Streaming filter.

For more information refer to  logstash-filter-jdbc_streaming#32.

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