Configure outputs for standalone Elastic Agentsedit

Running Elastic Agent in standalone mode is an advanced use case. The documentation is incomplete and not yet mature. When possible, we recommend using Fleet-managed agents instead of standalone mode.

The outputs section of the elastic-agent.yml file specifies where to send data. You can specify multiple outputs to pair specific inputs with specific outputs.

This example configures two outputs: default and monitoring:

    type: elasticsearch
    hosts: []
    username: elastic
    password: changeme

    type: elasticsearch
    api_key: VuaCfGcBCdbkQm-e5aOx:ui2lp2axTNmsyakw9tvNnw
    hosts: ["localhost:9200"]
    ca_sha256: "7lHLiyp4J8m9kw38SJ7SURJP4bXRZv/BNxyyXkCcE/M="

Notice that they use different authentication methods. The first one uses a username and password pair, and the second one contains an API key.

A default output configuration is required.

Elastic Agent currently supports these outputs: