Brewing in Beats: PostgreSQL module in Filebeat

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Filebeat module for PostgreSQL

The new Filebeat module collects, parses, and visualizes the logs created by PostgreSQL instances. It can parse both the error logs and the slow logs, which in the case of PostgreSQL, go into the same set of files. We’ve now got support for PostgreSQL in Filebeat, Metricbeat, and Packetbeat, so you can monitor not only the logs but also its health by collecting periodically metrics from the SQL server and the network traffic exchanged with the PostgreSQL server.

This module is currently scheduled to be released in version 6.1.




New community Beat: Cloudwatchlogbeat

Created by @kkentzo, Cloudwatchlogsbeat harvests data from the AWS Cloudwatch Log Groups and ships them to Elasticsearch or Logstash. The log groups are periodically probed for new streams which are then polled for new events.The state of the beat is saved in a user-specified S3 bucket on a per-stream basis. This way, the Beat knows what is the last event that was harvested per stream and can resume its operation once restarted.

Other changes

Repository: elastic/beats

Affecting all Beats

Changes in master:

  • Add SetValue method to libbeat common.MapStr #4838

Changes in master:

  • Make config object public for graphite and http server #4820
  • Metricbeat tests: split proxy_dep in 3 #4801
  • Adds a "type" field to the filesystem beat #4717

Changes in 6.0:

  • Metricbeat tests: split proxy_dep in 3 #4801

Changes in 6.0:

  • Fix mixed up modules configuration #4772

Changes in 6.0:


Changes in master:

  • Fix link to image in FBM Postgres docs #4843
  • Added required alias property to documentation #4800
  • Add breaking change message about using Beats from Windows GUI #4794
  • Update info about loading dashboards and index templates #4778

Changes in 6.0:

  • Backport to 6.0: Update info about loading dashboards and index templates (cherypicks #4778) #4818
  • Add breaking change message about using Beats from Windows GUI #4794:
  • Enhancements to auditbeat file metricset #4796
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