Set up transformsedit

To use the transforms, you must have the appropriate license and at least one transform node in your Elasticsearch cluster. If Elastic Stack security features are enabled, you must also ensure your users have the necessary privileges.

Transform nodesedit

To use transforms, there must be at least one transform node in your cluster. If you want to control which nodes run transforms, add or remove transform from the node.roles setting on some nodes. For more information, see Node and Transforms settings.

Security privilegesedit

The Elasticsearch security features provide built-in roles and privileges that make it easier to control which users can manage or view transforms.

To view the configuration and status of transforms, you must have:

  • transform_user built-in role or monitor_transform cluster privileges

To manage transforms, you must have:

  • transform_admin built-in role or manage_transform cluster privileges
  • read and view_index_metadata index privileges on source indices
  • read, create_index, and index index privileges on destination indices

For more information, see Security privileges and Built-in roles.