Get datafeed statistics APIedit

Retrieves usage information for datafeeds.


GET _ml/datafeeds/<feed_id>/_stats

GET _ml/datafeeds/<feed_id>,<feed_id>/_stats

GET _ml/datafeeds/_stats

GET _ml/datafeeds/_all/_stats


Requires the monitor_ml cluster privilege. This privilege is included in the machine_learning_user built-in role.


If the datafeed is stopped, the only information you receive is the datafeed_id and the state.

This API returns a maximum of 10,000 datafeeds.

Path parametersedit


(Optional, string) Identifier for the datafeed. It can be a datafeed identifier or a wildcard expression.

You can get statistics for multiple datafeeds in a single API request by using a comma-separated list of datafeeds or a wildcard expression. You can get statistics for all datafeeds by using _all, by specifying * as the datafeed identifier, or by omitting the identifier.

Query parametersedit

(Optional, Boolean) [7.10] Deprecated in 7.10. Use allow_no_match instead.

(Optional, Boolean) Specifies what to do when the request:

  • Contains wildcard expressions and there are no datafeeds that match.
  • Contains the _all string or no identifiers and there are no matches.
  • Contains wildcard expressions and there are only partial matches.

The default value is true, which returns an empty datafeeds array when there are no matches and the subset of results when there are partial matches. If this parameter is false, the request returns a 404 status code when there are no matches or only partial matches.

Response bodyedit

The API returns an array of datafeed count objects. All of these properties are informational; you cannot update their values.

(string) For started datafeeds only, contains messages relating to the selection of a node.
(string) A numerical character string that uniquely identifies the datafeed. This identifier can contain lowercase alphanumeric characters (a-z and 0-9), hyphens, and underscores. It must start and end with alphanumeric characters.

(object) For started datafeeds only, this information pertains to the node upon which the datafeed is started.

(object) Lists node attributes such as ml.machine_memory or ml.max_open_jobs settings.
(string) The ephemeral ID of the node.
(string) The unique identifier of the node.
(string) The node name. For example, 0-o0tOo.
(string) The host and port where transport HTTP connections are accepted.

(object) An object containing the running state for this datafeed. It is only provided if the datafeed is started.

(boolean) Indicates if the datafeed is "real-time"; meaning that the datafeed has no configured end time.
(boolean) Indicates whether the datafeed has finished running on the available past data. For datafeeds without a configured end time, this means that the datafeed is now running on "real-time" data.

(string) The status of the datafeed, which can be one of the following values:

  • starting: The datafeed has been requested to start but has not yet started.
  • started: The datafeed is actively receiving data.
  • stopping: The datafeed has been requested to stop gracefully and is completing its final action.
  • stopped: The datafeed is stopped and will not receive data until it is re-started.

(object) An object that provides statistical information about timing aspect of this datafeed.

(double) The average search time per bucket, in milliseconds.
(long) The number of buckets processed.
(double) The exponential average search time per hour, in milliseconds.
Identifier for the anomaly detection job.
The number of searches run by the datafeed.
The total time the datafeed spent searching, in milliseconds.

Response codesedit

404 (Missing resources)
If allow_no_match is false, this code indicates that there are no resources that match the request or only partial matches for the request.


GET _ml/datafeeds/datafeed-high_sum_total_sales/_stats

The API returns the following results:

  "count": 1,
  "datafeeds": [
      "datafeed_id": "datafeed-high_sum_total_sales",
      "state": "started",
      "node": {
        "id": "2spCyo1pRi2Ajo-j-_dnPX",
        "name": "node-0",
        "ephemeral_id": "hoXMLZB0RWKfR9UPPUCxXX",
        "transport_address": "",
        "attributes": {
          "ml.machine_memory": "17179869184",
          "ml.max_open_jobs": "512"
      "assignment_explanation": "",
      "timing_stats": {
        "job_id" : "high_sum_total_sales",
         "search_count" : 27,
         "bucket_count" : 619,
         "total_search_time_ms" : 296.0,
         "average_search_time_per_bucket_ms" : 0.4781906300484653,
         "exponential_average_search_time_per_hour_ms" : 33.28246548059884