Elasticsearch version 7.17.10edit

Also see Breaking changes in 7.17.

Known issuesedit

  • High Memory Pressure due to a GC JVM setting change

    This version of Elasticsearch is bundled with JDK 20. In JDK 20 Preventive GC is disabled by default. This may lead to increased memory pressure and an increased number of CircuitBreakerExceptions when retrieving large documents under some load patterns. (issue: #99592)

    If this change affects your use of Elasticsearch, consider re-enabling the previous behaviour by adding the JVM arguments -XX:+UnlockDiagnosticVMOptions -XX:+G1UsePreventiveGC (reference: JDK 20 release notes). It is important to note that this workaround is temporary and works only with JDK 20, which is bundled with Elasticsearch up to version 7.17.13 inclusive. Successive versions are bundling JDK 21+, where this setting has been removed. Specifying those JVM arguments will prevent the JVM (and therefore Elasticsearch Nodes) from starting.

Bug fixesedit

  • Skip DiskThresholdMonitor when cluster state is not recovered #93699
  • Deduplicate Heavy CCR Repository CS Requests #91398
  • Allow ILM step transition to the phase terminal step #91754
  • Allow ILM to transition to implicit cached steps #91779 (issue: #91749)
  • Avoiding BulkProcessor deadlock in ILMHistoryStore #91238 (issues: #68468, #50440)
  • Retry clean and create snapshot if it already exists #83694 #84829 (issue: #83694)
  • Add checks for exception loops through suppressed exceptions only #93944 (issue: #93943)
  • Check no unassigned shards even if the node already left #94722
  • Fixes CORS headers needed by Elastic clients #85791
Ingest Node
  • Fix async enrich execution prematurely releases enrich policy lock #94702 (issue: #94690)
  • Fix _id field fetch issue. #94528 (issue: #94515)
  • Return 200 when closing empty PIT or scroll #94708
  • Fix _cluster/stats .nodes.fs deduplication #94798 (issue: #24472)
  • Fix FsInfo device deduplication #94744
  • Catch deprecations as Exception rather than IOException #94553


  • Reuse FieldPermissionsCache in Role parsing #94931
Ingest Node
  • Refactor enrich maintenance coordination logic #90931


  • Upgrade bundled JDK to Java 20 #94600
  • Bump bundled JDK to Java 20.0.1 #95371