Migrating to 7.17edit

This section discusses the changes that you need to be aware of when migrating your application to Elasticsearch 7.17.

See also What’s new in 7.17 and Release notes.

Breaking changesedit

The following changes in Elasticsearch 7.17 might affect your applications and prevent them from operating normally. Before upgrading to 7.17, review these changes and take the described steps to mitigate the impact.

Packaging changesedit

The Windows MSI installer package is no longer available.

We no longer release Windows MSI installer packages for Elasticsearch. These packages were previously released in beta and didn’t receive widespread adoption.

To install Elasticsearch on Windows, use the .zip archive package instead.


The following functionality has been deprecated in Elasticsearch 7.17 and will be removed in 8.0. While this won’t have an immediate impact on your applications, we strongly encourage you take the described steps to update your code after upgrading to 7.17.

Significant changes in behavior are deprecated in a minor release and the old behavior is supported until the next major release. To find out if you are using any deprecated functionality, enable deprecation logging.

Cluster and node setting deprecationsedit

Deprecation for truststores with no trust entries

The use of SSL truststores that do not contain any trusted entries has been deprecated. The various *.ssl.truststore.path settings (for example xpack.security.transport.ssl.truststore.path or xpack.http.ssl.truststore.path) can be used to configure a set of "trust anchors" for SSL certificate verification. In Elasticsearch version 7 and earlier, it was permitted to configure a truststore that did not contain any trust anchors (that is, it was empty, or it contained "private key" entries only). In Elasticsearch version 8 and above, a truststore.path without any trusted certificate entries is no longer accepted, and will cause an error. This configuration is now deprecated in Elasticsearch version 7.17

To avoid deprecation warnings, remove any SSL truststores that do not contain any trusted entries.

Mapping deprecationsedit

Camel case date formats are deprecated.

The use of camel case patterns on date formats is deprecated and will be removed in Elasticsearch 8.0.0.

The corresponding snake case pattern should be used instead.

To avoid deprecation warnings, discontinue use of the camel case pattern.