Open anomaly detection jobs APIedit

Opens one or more anomaly detection jobs.


POST _ml/anomaly_detectors/{job_id}/_open


Requires the manage_ml cluster privilege. This privilege is included in the machine_learning_admin built-in role.


An anomaly detection job must be opened in order for it to be ready to receive and analyze data. It can be opened and closed multiple times throughout its lifecycle.

When you open a new job, it starts with an empty model.

When you open an existing job, the most recent model state is automatically loaded. The job is ready to resume its analysis from where it left off, once new data is received.

Path parametersedit

(Required, string) Identifier for the anomaly detection job.

Query parametersedit

(Optional, time) Controls the time to wait until a job has opened. The default value is 30 minutes.

Request bodyedit

You can also specify the timeout query parameter in the request body.

Response bodyedit

(string) The ID of the node that the job was opened on. If the job is allowed to open lazily and has not yet been assigned to a node, this value is an empty string.
(Boolean) For a successful response, this value is always true. On failure, an exception is returned instead.


POST _ml/anomaly_detectors/total-requests/_open
  "timeout": "35m"

When the job opens, you receive the following results:

  "opened" : true,
  "node" : "node-1"