Elasticsearch version 7.17.16


Elasticsearch version 7.17.16edit

Also see Breaking changes in 7.17.

Known issuesedit

  • High Memory Pressure due to a GC change in JDK 21

    This version of Elasticsearch is bundled with JDK 21. In JDK 21 Preventive GC has been removed. This may lead to increased memory pressure and an increased number of CircuitBreakerExceptions when retrieving large documents under some particular load. (issue: #99592)

    If you needed to explicitly enable Preventive GC for your workload in a previous Elasticsearch version, we recommend you avoid to upgrade to this version, as the settings to enable Preventive GC have been removed from JDK 21.

  • The deprecated index.mapper.dynamic setting can break your cluster. It can only be set using the Update index settings API. Symptoms include nodes failing to start or shards failing to allocate. Do not use this setting in versions prior to 7.17.22. The bug is fixed in 7.17.22. (issue: #109160)

Security updatesedit

Bug fixesedit

Infra/Circuit Breakers
  • Add more logging to the real memory circuit breaker and lower minimum interval #102396
  • Improve painless error wrapping #100872
  • Ensure transform updates only modify the expected transform task #102934 (issue: #102933)


  • Upgrade reactor netty http to v1.0.39 and reactor core to v3.4.34 #102629