SAML invalidate APIedit

Submits a SAML LogoutRequest message to Elasticsearch for consumption.

This API is intended for use by custom web applications other than Kibana. If you are using Kibana, see the Configure SAML single-sign on.


POST /_security/saml/invalidate


The logout request comes from the SAML IdP during an IdP initiated Single Logout. The custom web application can use this API to have Elasticsearch process the LogoutRequest. After successful validation of the request, Elasticsearch invalidates the access token and refresh token that corresponds to that specific SAML principal and provides a URL that contains a SAML LogoutResponse message, so that the user can be redirected back to their IdP.

Elasticsearch exposes all the necessary SAML related functionality via the SAML APIs. These APIs are used internally by Kibana in order to provide SAML based authentication, but can also be used by other custom web applications or other clients. See also SAML authenticate API, SAML prepare authentication API, SAML logout API, and SAML complete logout API.

Request bodyedit

(Optional, string) The Assertion Consumer Service URL that matches the one of the SAML realm in Elasticsearch that should be used. You must specify either this parameter or the realm parameter.
(Required, string) The query part of the URL that the user was redirected to by the SAML IdP to initiate the Single Logout. This query should include a single parameter named SAMLRequest that contains a SAML logout request that is deflated and Base64 encoded. If the SAML IdP has signed the logout request, the URL should include two extra parameters named SigAlg and Signature that contain the algorithm used for the signature and the signature value itself. In order for Elasticsearch to be able to verify the IdP’s signature, the value of the query_string field must be an exact match to the string provided by the browser. The client application must not attempt to parse or process the string in any way.
[7.14.0] Deprecated in 7.14.0. Use query_string instead See query_string.
(Optional, string) The name of the SAML realm in Elasticsearch the configuration. You must specify either this parameter or the acs parameter.

Response bodyedit

(integer) The number of tokens that were invalidated as part of this logout.
(string) The realm name of the SAML realm in Elasticsearch that authenticated the user.
(string) A SAML logout response as a parameter so that the user can be redirected back to the SAML IdP.


The following example invalidates all the tokens for realm saml1 pertaining to the user that is identified in the SAML Logout Request:

POST /_security/saml/invalidate
  "query_string" : "SAMLRequest=nZFda4MwFIb%2FiuS%2BmviRpqFaClKQdbvo2g12M2KMraCJ9cRR9utnW4Wyi13sMie873MeznJ1aWrnS3VQGR0j4mLkKC1NUeljjA77zYyhVbIE0dR%2By7fmaHq7U%2BdegXWGpAZ%2B%2F4pR32luBFTAtWgUcCv56%2Fp5y30X87Yz1khTIycdgpUW9kY7WdsC9zxoXTvMvWuVV98YyMnSGH2SYE5pwALBIr9QKiwDGpW0oGVUznGeMyJZKFkQ4jBf5HnhUymjIhzCAL3KNFihbYx8TBYzzGaY7EnIyZwHzCWMfiDnbRIftkSjJr%2BFu0e9v%2B0EgOquRiiZjKpiVFp6j50T4WXoyNJ%2FEWC9fdqc1t%2F1%2B2F3aUpjzhPiXpqMz1%2FHSn4A&",
  "realm" : "saml1"
  "redirect" : "",
  "invalidated" : 2,
  "realm" : "saml1"