Modify data streams APIedit

Performs one or more data stream modification actions in a single atomic operation.

POST _data_stream/_modify
  "actions": [
      "remove_backing_index": {
        "data_stream": "my-logs",
        "index": ".ds-my-logs-2099.01.01-000001"
      "add_backing_index": {
        "data_stream": "my-logs",
        "index": "index-to-add"


POST /_data_stream/_modify

Request bodyedit


(Required, array of objects) Actions to perform.

Properties of actions objects

(Required, object) The key is the action type. At least one action is required.

Valid <action> keys
Adds an existing index as a backing index for a data stream. The index is hidden as part of this operation.

Adding indices with the add_backing_index action can potentially result in improper data stream behavior. This should be considered an expert level API.

Removes a backing index from a data stream. The index is unhidden as part of this operation. A data stream’s write index cannot be removed.

The object body contains options for the action.

Properties of <action>
(Required*, string) Data stream targeted by the action.
(Required*, string) Index for the action.