Transforms settings in Elasticsearchedit

You do not need to configure any settings to use transforms. It is enabled by default.

General transforms settingsedit

node.roles: [ transform ]

(Static) Set node.roles to contain transform to identify the node as a transform node. If you want to run transforms, there must be at least one transform node in your cluster.

If you set node.roles, you must explicitly specify all the required roles for the node. To learn more, refer to Node.

It is strongly recommended that dedicated transform nodes also have the remote_cluster_client role; otherwise, cross-cluster search fails when used in transforms. See Remote-eligible node.

[7.8.0] Deprecated in 7.8.0. Basic License features should always be enabled (Static) This deprecated setting no longer has any effect.
(Dynamic) The number of times that a transform retries when it experiences a non-fatal error. Once the number of retries is exhausted, the transform task is marked as failed. The default value is 10 with a valid minimum of 0 and maximum of 100. If a transform is already running, it has to be restarted to use the changed setting.