Snapshot and restore settingsedit

The following cluster settings configure snapshot and restore.


(Dynamic, integer) Maximum number of concurrent snapshot operations. Defaults to 1000.

This limit applies in total to all ongoing snapshot creation, cloning, and deletion operations. Elasticsearch will reject any operations that would exceed this limit.

SLM settingsedit

The following cluster settings configure snapshot lifecycle management (SLM).

(Static, Boolean) Controls whether SLM records the history of actions taken as part of SLM policies to the slm-history-* indices. Defaults to true.
(Dynamic, cron scheduler value) Controls when the retention task runs. Can be a periodic or absolute time schedule. Supports all values supported by the cron scheduler. Defaults to daily at 1:30am UTC: 0 30 1 * * ?.
(Dynamic, time value) Limits how long SLM should spend deleting old snapshots. Defaults to one hour: 1h.
repositories.url.allowed_urls logo cloud
(Static) Specifies the read-only URL repositories that snapshots can be restored from.