Preview data frame analytics APIedit

Previews the features used by a data frame analytics config.


GET _ml/data_frame/analytics/_preview

POST _ml/data_frame/analytics/_preview

GET _ml/data_frame/analytics/<data_frame_analytics_id>/_preview

POST _ml/data_frame/analytics/<data_frame_analytics_id>/_preview


Requires the monitor_ml cluster privilege. This privilege is included in the machine_learning_user built-in role.


This API provides preview of the extracted features for a data frame analytics config that either exists already or one that has not been created yet.

Path parametersedit

(Optional, string) Identifier for the data frame analytics job.

Request bodyedit

(Optional, object) A data frame analytics config as described in Create data frame analytics jobs. Note that id and dest don’t need to be provided in the context of this API.

Response bodyedit

The API returns a response that contains the following:

(array) An array of objects that contain feature name and value pairs. The features have been processed and indicate what will be sent to the model for training.


POST _ml/data_frame/analytics/_preview
  "config": {
    "source": {
      "index": "houses_sold_last_10_yrs"
    "analysis": {
      "regression": {
        "dependent_variable": "price"

The API returns the following results:

  "feature_values": [
      "number_of_bedrooms": "1",
      "postcode": "29655",
      "price": "140.4"