Elasticsearch version 7.16.1


Elasticsearch version 7.16.1edit

Also see Breaking changes in 7.16.

Security updatesedit

Known issuesedit

  • Painless: Any Painless script where a method call resolves a lambda argument to a UnaryOperator or a BinaryOperator type results in an IllegalArgumentException. This exception results in a compilation error when static types are used, or a runtime error for dynamic types. Use standard procedural statements as a workaround, such as if/else, while, and for statements.

    The following example is a UnaryOperator type that will result in a failure:

    List l = ['abc', '123']; l.replaceAll(f -> f.replace('abc', 'doremi');

    The following example is a possible workaround:

    List l = ['abc', '123'];
    for (int i = 0; i < l.size(); ++i) {
        l.set(i, l.get(i).replace('abc', 'doremi'));
  • Parsing a request when the last element in an array is filtered out (for instance using _source_includes) fails. This is due to a bug in Jackson parser. Fixed in Elasticsearch 8.6.1 (#91456)
  • The deprecated index.mapper.dynamic setting can break your cluster. It can only be set using the Update index settings API. Symptoms include nodes failing to start or shards failing to allocate. Do not use this setting in versions prior to 7.17.22. The bug is fixed in 7.17.22. (issue: #109160)


  • Disable JNDI lookups via the log4j2.formatMsgNoLookups system property #81622
  • Patch log4j jar to remove the JndiLookup class from the classpath #81629
  • Allow plugins permission to register MBeans #81508 (issue: #76329)
  • Deprecate multifield mappings templates #81329 (issue: #78445)

Bug fixesedit

  • Calculate autoscaling capacity off the transport threads #80499 (issue: #79104)
  • Allow the unfollow action in the frozen phase #81434
Indices APIs
  • Implement getMinimalSupportedVersion for all NameDiffs #81374 (issue: #81262)
  • Allow configuration of ThreadPool warning times #81487
  • Add trace.id to indexed deprecation logs #81524
Machine Learning
  • Make model snapshot upgrade autoscaling friendly #81123 (issue: #81012)
  • Fail fast remote cluster requests when skip_unavailable is true #80589 (issue: #74773)
  • Fix channel open trace logging #81308
  • Adding a deprecation info API check for discovery.zen.minimum_master_nodes #81282 (issue: #81260)
  • Fix metrics reporting when sorting on aggregated values #81510 (issue: #81502)
  • Fix rearranging columns in PIVOT queries #81032 (issue: #80952)
  • Only resolve aliases if asked for local cluster #81158 (issue: #81157)
  • Handle partial search result with point in time #81349 (issue: #81256)