Elasticsearch version 7.17.18

Elasticsearch version 7.17.18edit

Also see Breaking changes in 7.17.

Known issuesedit

  • The deprecated index.mapper.dynamic setting can break your cluster. It can only be set using the Update index settings API. Symptoms include nodes failing to start or shards failing to allocate. Do not use this setting in versions prior to 7.17.22. The bug is fixed in 7.17.22. (issue: #109160)

Bug fixesedit

Ingest Node
  • Better handling of async processor failures #104289 (issue: #101921)
  • Ingest correctly handle upsert operations and drop processors together #104585 (issue: #36746)
  • Fix deleting index during snapshot finalization #103817 (issue: #101029)


  • [7x] upgrade aws client depdencies #104346