Elasticsearch version 7.17.19edit

Also see Breaking changes in 7.17.

Known issuesedit

  • Due to a bug in the bundled JDK 22 nodes might crash abruptly under high memory pressure. We recommend downgrading to JDK 21.0.2 asap to mitigate the issue.

Bug fixesedit

Ingest Node
  • Adding executedPipelines to the IngestDocument copy constructor #105427
Machine Learning
  • Detect 8.x ML nodes correctly #105653
  • Force execution of SearchService.Reaper #106544 (issue: #106543)
  • Update to latest Lucene bugfix version 8.11.3 #106365


Ingest Node
  • Adding a custom exception for problems with the graph of pipelines to be applied to a document #105196
  • Improving the performance of the ingest simulate verbose API #105265
  • Limiting the number of nested pipelines that can be executed #105428


  • Upgrade joda time to 2.12.6 #104720
Ingest Node
  • Upgrade mime4j on the 7.17 line #106380