Elasticsearch version 7.9.1edit

Also see Breaking changes in 7.9.

Known issuesedit

  • SQL: If a WHERE clause contains at least two relational operators joined by AND, of which one is a comparison (<=, <, >=, >) and another one is an inequality (!=, <>), both against literals or foldable expressions, the inequality will be ignored. The workaround is to substitute the inequality with a NOT IN operator.

    We have fixed this issue in Elasticsearch 7.10.1 and later versions. For more details, see #65488.

  • Snapshot and restore: If an index is deleted while the cluster is concurrently taking more than one snapshot then there is a risk that one of the snapshots may never complete and also that some shard data may be lost from the repository, causing future restore operations to fail. To mitigate this problem, set snapshot.max_concurrent_operations: 1 to prevent concurrent snapshot operations:

    PUT _cluster/settings
      "persistent" : {
        "snapshot.max_concurrent_operations" : 1

    This issue is fixed in Elasticsearch versions 7.13.1 and later. It is not possible to repair a repository once it is affected by this issue, so you must restore the repository from a backup, or clear the repository by executing DELETE _snapshot/<repository name>/*, or move to a fresh repository. For more details, see #73456.

  • Parsing a request when the last element in an array is filtered out (for instance using _source_includes) fails. This is due to a bug in Jackson parser. Fixed in Elasticsearch 8.6.1 (#91456)

New featuresedit



  • Log more information when mappings fail on index creation #61577
  • Make endsWith function use a wildcard ES query wherever possible #61160 (issue: #61154)
  • Make stringContains function use a wildcard ES query wherever possible #61189 (issue: #58922)
  • Change severity of negative stats messages from WARN to DEBUG #60375
  • Fix handling of alias filter in SearchService#canMatch #59368 (issue: #59367)
  • QL: Add filtering Query DSL support to IndexResolver #60514 (issue: #57358)
  • Do not access snapshot repo on dedicated voting-only master node #61016 (issue: #59649)

Bug fixesedit

  • Call ActionListener.onResponse exactly once #61584
  • Relax the index access control check for scroll searches #61446
  • Relax ShardFollowTasksExecutor validation #60054 (issue: #59625)
  • Set timeout of auto put-follow request to unbounded #61679 (issue: #56891)
  • Set timeout of master node requests on follower to unbounded #60070 (issue: #56891)
Cluster Coordination
  • Restrict testing of legacy discovery to tests #61178 (issue: #61177)
  • Return sequence join keys in the original type #61268 (issue: #59707)
Features/Data streams
  • "no such index [null]" when indexing into data stream with op_type=index [ISSUE] #60581
  • Data streams: throw ResourceAlreadyExists exception #60518
  • Track backing indices in data streams stats from cluster state #59817
  • Fix race in SLM master/cluster state listeners #59801
  • Fix handling of final pipelines when destination is changed #59522 (issue: #57968)
  • Fix wrong pipeline name in debug log #58817 (issue: #58478)
  • Fix wrong result when executing bulk requests with and without pipeline #60818 (issue: #60437)
  • Update regex file for es user agent node processor #59697 (issue: #59694)
Machine Learning
  • Always write prediction_probability and prediction_score for classification inference #60335
  • Ensure .ml-config index is updated before clearing anomaly job’s finished_time #61064 (issue: #61157)
  • Ensure annotations index mappings are up to date #61107 (issue: #74935)
  • Handle node closed exception in ML result processing #60238 (issue: #60130)
  • Recover data frame extraction search from latest sort key #61544
  • Disable sort optimization on search collapsing #60838
  • Search fix: query_string regex searches not working on wildcard fields #60959 (issue: #60957)
  • Cleanly Handle S3 SDK Exceptions in Request Counting #61686 (issue: #61670)
  • Fix Concurrent Snapshot Create+Delete + Delete Index #61770 (issue: #61762)