Validates and evaluates a cron expression.


bin/elasticsearch-croneval <expression>
[-c, --count <integer>] [-h, --help]
([-s, --silent] | [-v, --verbose])


This command enables you to verify that your cron expressions are valid for use with Elasticsearch and produce the expected results.

This command is provided in the $ES_HOME/bin directory.


-c, --count <Integer>
The number of future times this expression will be triggered. The default value is 10.
-d, --detail
Shows detail for invalid cron expression. It will print the stacktrace if the expression is not valid.
-h, --help
Returns all of the command parameters.
-s, --silent
Shows minimal output.
-v, --verbose
Shows verbose output.


If the cron expression is valid, the following command displays the next 20 times that the schedule will be triggered:

bin/elasticsearch-croneval "0 0/1 * * * ?" -c 20