Elasticsearch version 7.14.1edit

Also see Breaking changes in 7.14.

Known issuesedit

  • Frozen tier: (Windows only) The frozen data tier relies on multiple caching mechanisms to speed up access to searchable snapshot files. One of these caches uses sparse files to avoid creating large files on disk when it is not strictly required. A bug prevented files from being created with the right options to enable sparse support on Windows, leading Elasticsearch to create potentially large files that can end up consuming all the disk space.

    This issue is fixed in Elasticsearch versions 7.15.2 and later. There is no known workaround for earlier versions. Filesystems that enable sparse files by default are not affected. For more details, see #79371.

  • Aggregations: In Elasticsearch 7.14.0–7.15.0, when a cross-cluster search (CCS) request is proxied, the memory for the aggregations on the proxy node will not be freed. The trigger is cross-cluster search using aggregations where minimize roundtrips is not effective (for example, when minimize roundtrips is explicitly disabled, or implicitly disabled when using scroll, async and point-in-time searches).

    This affects Kibana CCS aggregations because Kibana uses async search by default. This issue can also happen in all modes of remote connections configured for cross-cluster search (sniff and proxy). In sniff mode, we only connect to a subset of the remote nodes (by default 3). So if the remote node we want to send a request to is not one of those 3, we must send the request as a proxy request. The workaround is to periodically restart nodes with heap pressure.

    We have fixed this issue in Elasticsearch 7.15.1 and later versions. For more details, see #78404.

  • Parsing a request when the last element in an array is filtered out (for instance using _source_includes) fails. This is due to a bug in Jackson parser. Fixed in Elasticsearch 8.6.1 (#91456)


  • Allow MBean permissions in plugin policies #76329

Bug fixesedit

  • Cap max RetryableAction wait time/timeout #74940 (issue: #70996)
  • Fix join keys ordering in a sequence #76699 (issue: #76209)
  • Rewind ILM if create-snapshot fails to take snapshot #75961 (issue: #75401)
Indices APIs
  • Fix null value usage for index.number_of_routing_shards setting #76069 (issue: #75139)
  • Fix path.data as comma separated string #76202 (issue: #76181)
  • Fix disabling GeoIP downloader through elasticsearch.yml #76924 (issue: #76586)
Machine Learning
  • Exceptions about starting native processes now include the node #75937
  • Fix null pointer exception after all datafeed indices deleted #76401
  • Fix serialization of datafeed running state for relocated datafeed #75923 (issue: #75507)
  • Fix Issues in Netty4MessageChannelHandler #75861
  • Fix Leaking Http Channel Objects when Http Client Stats are Disabled #76257 (issue: #76183)
  • Fix memory/breaker leaks for outbound responses #76474 (issue: #65921)
  • Disallow queries with inner LIMIT that cannot be executed in ES #75960 (issue: #75830)
  • Fix groupings on empty results and HAVING on local relations #74809 (issue: #74311)
  • Fix nested ORDER BY #76277 (issues: #75960, #76013)
  • Fix field capabilities API’s TransportFieldCapabilitiesAction blocking transport thread #75022
  • Fork building aggregate index capabilities response to management pool #76333
  • Handle a edge case for validation of API key role descriptors #76959
  • Fix Bug Causing Queued Snapshots of Deleted Indices to Never Finalize #75942
  • Fix Concurrent Snapshot Repository Corruption from Operations Queued after Failing Operations #75733 (issues: #75501, #75598)
  • Fix Finalizing Failed Shard Snapshots #75953
  • Fix NPE in Cat Snapshots API Default #76161 (issue: #76158)
  • Fix S3 Streaming Writes Ignoring Relative Paths for Large Writes #76273
  • Fix Snapshot State Machine Issues around Failed Clones #76419
  • Noop repository update should skip verification #76067 (issue: #76012)
Task Management
  • Only start re-assigning persistent tasks if they are not already being reassigned #76258
  • Track cancellable tasks by parent ID #76186 (issue: #75316)
  • Reset failure count when a transform aggregation page is handled successfully #76355 (issue: #76074)
  • Save some Memory in Watcher XContent → Map Round Trip #76864 (issue: #74513)


  • Make sure copy_to accepts null values #76665 (issue: #72820)
  • Fix alias resolution in match query with synonyms #76688 (issue: #68795)


  • Bump bundled JDK to 16.0.2 #75981