Elasticsearch version 7.9.3edit

Also see Breaking changes in 7.9.

Known issuesedit

  • SQL: If a WHERE clause contains at least two relational operators joined by AND, of which one is a comparison (<=, <, >=, >) and another one is an inequality (!=, <>), both against literals or foldable expressions, the inequality will be ignored. The workaround is to substitute the inequality with a NOT IN operator.

    We have fixed this issue in Elasticsearch 7.10.1 and later versions. For more details, see #65488.

  • Snapshot and restore: If an index is deleted while the cluster is concurrently taking more than one snapshot then there is a risk that one of the snapshots may never complete and also that some shard data may be lost from the repository, causing future restore operations to fail. To mitigate this problem, set snapshot.max_concurrent_operations: 1 to prevent concurrent snapshot operations:

    PUT _cluster/settings
      "persistent" : {
        "snapshot.max_concurrent_operations" : 1

    This issue is fixed in Elasticsearch versions 7.13.1 and later. It is not possible to repair a repository once it is affected by this issue, so you must restore the repository from a backup, or clear the repository by executing DELETE _snapshot/<repository name>/*, or move to a fresh repository. For more details, see #73456.

  • Parsing a request when the last element in an array is filtered out (for instance using _source_includes) fails. This is due to a bug in Jackson parser. Fixed in Elasticsearch 8.6.1 (#91456)

Bug fixesedit

  • InternalClusterInfoService should not ignore hidden indices #62995
  • Move RestRequestFilter to core #63507
  • Ensure domain_name setting for AD realm is present #61983 (issue: #61859)
  • Fix API key role descriptors rewrite bug for upgraded clusters #62917 (issue: #62911)
  • Retry CCR shard follow task when no seed node left #63225
Cluster Coordination
  • Uniquely associate term with update task during election #62212 (issue: #61437)
  • Fix to actually throttle indexing on getting activated #61768
Features/Data streams
  • Fix querying a data stream name in index field #63170
  • Handle error conditions when simulating ingest pipelines with verbosity enabled #63327 (issue: #63199)
  • Make for each processor resistant to field modification #62791 (issue: #62790)
Machine Learning
  • Fix online updates with custom rules referencing filters #63057 (issue: #62948)
  • Reset reindexing progress when data frame analytics job resumes with incomplete reindexing #62772
  • Fix exception when using CAST on inexact field #62943 (issue: #60178)
  • Async search should retry updates on version conflict #63652 (issue: #63213)
  • Fix possible NPE if transform task has no node assigned #62946 (issue: #62847)
  • Filter null objects from field caps request #62945


  • Switch bundled JDK back to Oracle JDK #63288 (issue: #62709)