Delete watch APIedit

Removes a watch from Watcher.


DELETE _watcher/watch/<watch_id>


  • You must have manage_watcher cluster privileges to use this API. For more information, see Security privileges.


When the watch is removed, the document representing the watch in the .watches index is gone and it will never be run again.

Please note that deleting a watch does not delete any watch execution records related to this watch from the watch history.

Deleting a watch must be done via this API only. Do not delete the watch directly from the .watches index using the Elasticsearch DELETE Document API. When Elasticsearch security features are enabled, make sure no write privileges are granted to anyone over the .watches index.

Path parametersedit

(Required, string) Identifier for the watch.


The following example deletes a watch with the my-watch id:

DELETE _watcher/watch/my_watch


   "found": true,
   "_id": "my_watch",
   "_version": 2