Breaking changes in 7.1edit

This section discusses the changes that you need to be aware of when migrating your application to Elasticsearch 7.1.

See also What’s new in 7.17 and Release notes.

HTTP changesedit

Deprecation of old HTTP settingsedit

The http.tcp_no_delay setting is deprecated in 7.1. It is replaced by http.tcp.no_delay.

Network changesedit

Deprecation of old network settingsedit

The network.tcp.connect_timeout setting is deprecated in 7.1. This setting was a fallback setting for transport.connect_timeout. To change the default connection timeout for client connections, modify transport.connect_timeout.

Transport changesedit

Deprecation of old transport settingsedit

The following settings are deprecated in 7.1. Each setting has a replacement setting that was introduced in 6.7.

  • transport.tcp.port is replaced by transport.port
  • transport.tcp.compress is replaced by transport.compress
  • transport.tcp.connect_timeout is replaced by transport.connect_timeout
  • transport.tcp_no_delay is replaced by transport.tcp.no_delay
  • transport.profiles.profile_name.tcp_no_delay is replaced by transport.profiles.profile_name.tcp.no_delay
  • transport.profiles.profile_name.tcp_keep_alive is replaced by transport.profiles.profile_name.tcp.keep_alive
  • transport.profiles.profile_name.reuse_address is replaced by transport.profiles.profile_name.tcp.reuse_address
  • transport.profiles.profile_name.send_buffer_size is replaced by transport.profiles.profile_name.tcp.send_buffer_size
  • transport.profiles.profile_name.receive_buffer_size is replaced by transport.profiles.profile_name.tcp.receive_buffer_size