01 February 2016 Engineering

Logstash Moving Away from Node Protocol and Multiline Filter

By Alvin Chen

Logstash is moving away from the node protocol and multiline filter. Here we'll outline the reasons along with the recommended alternatives.

29 January 2016 Engineering

Cluster cloning in the cloud

By Konrad Beiske

Hosted Elasticsearch by Found gives you an easy way to clone your cluster. Find out why you want to do this in the following article.

28 January 2016 Engineering

Using Nmap + Logstash to Gain Insight Into Your Network

By Andrew Cholakian

Using the new Logstash Nmap codec we show how you can gain new insight into the internals of your network.

21 January 2016 Culture

Share your community spirit with #ElasticSnap

By Michelle Carroll

Share your Elastic photos for a chance at fame, fortune, and t-shirts.

21 January 2016 User Stories

Elastic stack for Root Cause Analysis at Teradata

By Sun-Tsung Kim

How Teradata uses the Elastic stack for logfile analysis allowing for more visibility across applications and locations.

20 January 2016 User Stories

Categorizing images with deep learning into Elasticsearch

By Emmanuel Benazera

Deepdetect, an open source deep-learning server working, created a range of machine learning applications, including an image search engine using Elasticsearch.

06 January 2016 Culture

AMA (Ask Me Anything) World Recap, Bigger Than Ever For Elastic{O...

By Ryan Schneider

We recently just wrapped up the world Elastic{ON} Tour. One of the mutual favorite parts of the Elastic{ON} Tour was the AMA Booth (Ask Me Anything).

17 December 2015 User Stories

Deploying Elasticsearch 2.0.0 with Chef

By Martin Smith

This post will show some high-level overviews of Elasticsearch and Chef, and how to use Chef for deploying Elasticsearch.

17 December 2015 User Stories

Making Advanced Energy Policy Documents Searchable and Actionable...

By Eric FitzCharlie Forcey

Advanced Energy Economy switched from Postgres to Elasticsearch as a Service and made energy policy data searchable and actionable for the first time.