26 May 2016 Engineering

Monitoring Windows Logons with Winlogbeat

By Andrew Kroh

How to use the Winlogbeat and Kibana to visualize logon events from Windows event logs.

25 May 2016 Engineering

Using Elastic Graph + Kibana to Analyze Panama Papers

By Mark Harwood

This article shows you how to use the Kibana Graph app and a new Elasticsearch API to power forensics and wisdom-of-crowds analysis.

24 May 2016 Engineering

Ingest Node: A Client's Perspective

By Greg Marzouka

Covering the basics of the new ingest node feature coming in Elasticsearch 5.0 and how to consume the ingest APIs from an Elasticsearch language client.

23 May 2016 User Stories

From Splunk to Elastic in 4 weeks – Challenge Accepted!

By Kevin Moore

Learn how Paddy Power migrated from Splunk to the Elastic Stack in about 4 weeks.

18 May 2016 User Stories

Elastic, Yale, and the Quest to Cure Cancer

By Daniel Palay

How did one email in the weeks leading up to Elastic{ON}15 set us off on a 14-month path of discovery, reflection, and production? Read on...

16 May 2016 Engineering

How To Centralize Logs with Rsyslog, Logstash, and Elasticsearch ...

By Aaron Mildenstein

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a centralized rsyslog server to store log files from multiple systems using Logstash & Elasticsearch.

12 May 2016 Engineering

Just Enough Kafka for the Elastic Stack, Part 1

By Suyog RaoTal Levy

This post talks about design considerations for integrating Kafka with the Elastic Stack.

04 May 2016 Engineering

"There are two hard problems in .NET, caching expressions and nam...

By Martijn Laarman

We recently released NEST 2.3.1 containing an important fix for a memory leak NEST users are very likely to hit.

29 April 2016 Engineering

Kibana under the hood: object persistence

By Shaunak Kashyap

This blog post provides a glimpse into what's happening under the hood in Kibana when users save searches, visualizations, and dashboards.