Elastic Stack 7.6.0 released


Helper Node Series | Elastic volunteers with Dig Deep in Kenya

The Helper Node series highlights how our Elasticians use their volunteer time off. In this edition Janica Lee tells us of her adventure with Dig Deep in Kenya.

User Stories

Elastic on Elastic: Securing our endpoints with Elastic Security

The Elastic InfoSec team's internal use of Elastic Security has increased visibility and exponentially expanded its response capabilities to threats.


Mac system extensions for threat detection: Part 3

Part 3 of this series gives an overview of the new SystemExtensions and EndpointSecurity framework, how to use them, and development caveats.


Elasticsearch Service is now available on Microsoft Azure in Tokyo

The new Tokyo region for Elasticsearch Service is our second Azure region in Asia Pacific and our fifth Azure region globally.


Our accessibility journey: Mindset and tools

Introducing our Accessibility Statement which was created out of a shifting mindset in how we approach development.

User Stories

Be our Valentine: To our community organizers, with love

A heartfelt thank-you — and a Happy Valentine's Day — to our wonderful community user group organizers! We appreciate all you do for the Elastic Community.


Playing defense against Gamaredon Group


Is it a good time(stamp) for centralized logging?

Any centralized logging environment depends on good timekeeping. Let's consider the fundamentals and talk about best practices for timestamps in log events.


Multilingual search using language identification in Elasticsearch

Learn how language identification in Elasticsearch 7.6 can be used to power multilingual search.


Elastic partners with DDC to offer free election security to 2020 campaigns

Elastic will offer free Elastic Endpoint Security to the 2020 US presidential and congressional campaigns in partnership with Defending Digital Campaigns.