Articles by Bill Wright

Senior Director, Government Affairs


Empowering cyber resilience through the US Tribal Cybersecurity Grant Program (TCGP)

The Tribal Cybersecurity Grant Program was introduced to help tribal governments combat cyber threats. The program respects tribal sovereignty and resilience, intertwining technological defenses with the values of tribal communities.


Unpacking the new US executive order on artificial intelligence

On October 30 2023, President Biden signed the Executive Order on the Safe, Secure, and Trustworthy Development and Use of Artificial Intelligence, which aims to advance and regulate artificial intelligence (AI) in the US.


DORA: A paradigm shift in cybersecurity and operational resilience

The Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) in the EU is slated for a detailed rollout by early 2024. Given that it will redefine cybersecurity and supply risk management at a global scale, how can financial institutions prepare?


7 tech challenges that can be collaboration opportunities for global governments

Governments around the world face similar challenges, such as cybersecurity, legacy IT, and the ethical use of AI. Rather than addressing each issue on their own, agencies can learn from each other's experiences and collaborate when appropriate.


Revolutionising Australian government services with generative AI: A new era of engagement

In a new era of generative AI, Australian government agencies are changing. Apps like ChatGPT and Elasticsearch promise to reshape public services and citizen experiences. But governments must tread carefully, ensuring data privacy isn’t compromised.


Improving citizen experience with generative AI: Navigating a new era for state and local government

Learn how the power of generative AI –– when combined with an agency's proprietary data in Elasticsearch –– can lead to improved citizen engagement, public services, employee productivity, and more.