Empowering cyber resilience through the US Tribal Cybersecurity Grant Program (TCGP)


In an era where cyber threats are growing and evolving quickly, tribal governments in the US are increasingly being targeted. Recognizing this growing problem, FEMA introduced the Tribal Cybersecurity Grant Program (TCGP) on September 27, 2023.

Exploring the TCGP

With an impressive $18.2 million fund, the TCGP is the cornerstone of FEMA's strategy to arm tribal governments against rising cyber threats, ensuring they are equipped with vital tools and knowledge to secure their digital landscapes. Born from the collaboration between CISA and FEMA, TCGP champions tribal sovereignty and resilience, intertwining technological defenses with the values of tribal communities.

To qualify for TCGP, tribes must:

  • Develop robust cyber governance and planning
  • Adapt system capabilities in line with tech progress and emerging threats
  • Forge current and effective security strategies
  • Prioritize state-of-the-art logging tools

Eligibility and application

Open to tribal governments recognized under the Homeland Security Act of 2002, the application necessitates documents like a Cybersecurity Plan and TCGP Investment Justification form. Tribal consortiums can also join hands for collective applications.

Applicants need a Unique Entity Identifier (UEI) and an Employer Identification Number (EIN), alongside SAM and ND Grants registration. Initial submissions are via grants.gov, concluding in the ND Grants System by January 10, 2024.

Optimizing resources

An embedded Cybersecurity Planning Committee is essential for each tribal government, steering the focus toward strategic cybersecurity, especially enhanced logging.

Unified efforts

Pooling resources and strategies, tribal governments can collaborate on projects, reflecting shared goals and community spirit.

Resources at a glance

For comprehensive TCGP insights, visit grants.gov. For specific questions, contact FEMA-TCGP@fema.dhs.gov or TCGPinfo@cisa.dhs.gov.

Harnessing Elastic’s power

"Enhanced logging" isn't just a buzzword in cybersecurity; it's essential. Elastic®, a leader in this area, provides unmatched log monitoring solutions and comprehensive insights based on log data. By leveraging Elastic for log management, Tribal governments gain:

  • Comprehensive management of large log data sets
  • Quick insights across varied log types
  • Speedy access to critical data
  • Detection of data irregularities and anomalies

Elastic stands out for its enhanced logging capabilities, offering scalable log management, rapid insights, and anomaly detection from a single platform. Public sector customers have reported that Elastic has reduced data breach risks by 67% and ransomware threats by 66%. Elastic ensures end-to-end IT monitoring, minimizing vulnerabilities.

For more information about the Tribal Cybersecurity Grant Program, join the Elastic Public Sector team for an on-demand webinar.

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