Kurrently in Kibana: Heat Map Visualization in 4.1

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Kibana 4.1: Maps, maps, and more maps!

This past week the Kibana team decided to tackle the map visualization and make some progress on the outstanding 4.1 issues, as well as finding ways to just make things plain better.

You can check out the larger scope of everything planned in the GitHub issues list for 4.1, but here's what we've been we've been up to recently:

Heat Map is Close to Merge-able

We're still cleaning up some code issues, but the functionality is largely there. We also took the opportunity to improve the tooltip positioning for all of the other maps. The tooltip on the map now works by looking for the closest point, with a margin, and throwing a tooltip on it. This means you no longer need to hover directly over the SVG, a tricky task at high precision levels.

Adding Filter Support to the Map

The first phase of tile map filters is under review. This allows you to draw a rectangle on the map to form a geo_bounding_box filter. Later phases will allow for drawing circles and polygons.

Other Map-related Stuff

  • We're considering switching from SVG to canvas on the to improve performance for high precision geohash_grid requests.
  • There's a pull in to filter the points displayed to only stuff in the view; this mostly helps when zoomed in. 
  • We also removed the “Pin" mode, as it wasn't very useful and it was very expensive.

Progress on Non-Map Things, Too!

  • Merged import/export saved objects.
  • Added a “select" type to the advanced settings screen to support a community pull to add timezone support. 
  • More improvements to chart destruction. This should vastly improve the memory situation. This one is sort of map related, since we did some work here too.
  • Fixed an issue in which tooltips don't hide.

See You Next Week!

As you may have seen, we're now publishing weekly updates on Elasticsearch and Apache Lucene, Logstash and Kibana. We'll bring you the latest and greatest in next week's Kurrently in Kibana.