Business analytics

Business critical metrics & insights

Analyze your KPIs, metrics, and goals in one place with the Elastic Stack. Create and share reports with real-time data.

Centralize any and all data, without limits

From ingesting social media documents for sentiment analysis to summarizing unique KPIs to discover hidden trends, bring it all together in the Elastic Stack. Connect data across systems and scale from millions to billions of documents as your use cases expand to include types of data you never imagined analyzing.


Discover insights with ease

Start exploring data from day one using Kibana Lens, an intuitive way to create visualizations in Kibana. Analyze your data on the fly with drag and drop functionality, immediate previews, and smart suggestions. Perform ad hoc exploration as your data takes shape. Follow a hunch, dig deeper, and build out dashboards to continue monitoring.

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Share detail-rich reports

Ensure you are always on the same page with your stakeholders using Kibana's built-in reporting capabilities. Generate beautiful PDFs for your team with a single click and schedule regular updates for your customers. Output raw data and documents for audiences that need more than just the summary and put your dashboards into the inboxes of everyone who needs them.


Create live, custom infographics

Compose pixel-perfect displays with Canvas, a workpad for live data. Customize every aspect with your choice of palettes, fonts, and design elements that showcase what you're all about. Maybe that’s sailboats, maybe it's t-shirts. Be you.

Keep your team engaged in live analytics without leaving the UI. Your Canvas workpad is a breathing, real-time presentation that's always ready. No need to manually update your reports.

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Anomaly detection & on-demand forecasting

Are t-shirt purchases lower than usual this afternoon? Is there a hiccup in your sales pipeline? Unsupervised machine learning lets you identify issues before they impact your business. Prepare for the future with our forecasting features that answer questions like, "Based on our t-shirt sales last year, what quantity should we have in stock to satisfy demand next quarter?"


How do you solve a problem like cost management?

Using Elasticsearch and Kibana, Credit Suisse created easy-to-use dashboards to compare application use across teams, projects, and organizations, allowing decision makers to analyze costs, save money, and share results across the company. See how.


They're not the only ones using Elastic for business analytics. Explore more customer examples.

Go beyond business analytics

Hunting down anomalies? Crunching numbers? The Elastic Stack expands the possibilities of your data—all from a central location.

App Search

App Search

Search across documents, geo data, and more.



Interactive investigation at speed
and scale.



Do the numbers: CPU, memory, and more.

Try it yourself


Set up Elastic Cloud

  • Register if you do not already have an account. Free 14-day trial available.
  • Log in to the Elastic Cloud console
To create a cluster in the Elastic Cloud console:
  • Select Create Deployment, and specify the Deployment Name
  • Modify the other deployment options as needed (or not — the defaults are great to get started)
  • Click Create Deployment
  • Save the Cloud ID and the cluster Password for your records; we will refer to these as <> and <password> below
  • Wait until deployment creation completes

What just happened?

Elasticsearch and Kibana APIs automatically ingested sample data into Elasticsearch and Kibana with defined fields, searches, visualizations, dashboards and workpads. In a matter of minutes, you can view a sample data set that monitors mock ecommerce revenue generation for product orders.