Near Real Time Retail Analytics @ Walmart

Did you know that Walmart sells about 156 bananas per second? Thanks to the Elastic Stack, they do. What started as an engineering hack to prove the banana myth is now a fully-operational self-service analytics platform for Walmart’s data scientists.

In this talk, you'll learn how the Elastic Stack helped Walmart reveal the hidden potential of its data to gain insights about customer purchasing patterns, track store performance metrics & holiday analytics — all in near real time. The Walmart Technology team will also share how they leverage the various features of X-Pack for security with SSO, alerting for anomaly detection, and monitoring for DevOps.

Kevin Conaway

Kevin is an engineer with the Walmart Technology East team. He enjoys making BBQ, hiking, and touring America's viticultural areas. He also occasionally writes software.

While at Walmart, he has designed and built streaming data systems with a variety of open source technologies, although none quite as fun as Elasticsearch.

Srinivas Singanamalla

Srinivas is an engineer with the Walmart Technology East team. He is responsible for all things Elastic. Before Walmart, he worked at startups and mid-size companies providing Business Intelligence solutions.