Elastic Search Applicationsedit

Search applications are a new way of exposing search for your applications. They allow us to formulate and expose simplified search requests while harnessing the full power of Elasticsearch and the Query DSL. Search applications are the next generation of search for Enterprise Search. Stay tuned for further enhancements!

Availability and prerequisitesedit

Search applications were introduced in Elastic version 8.8.0.

Search applications are a tech preview feature. Tech preview features are subject to change and are not covered by the support SLA of generally available (GA) features. Elastic plans to promote this feature to GA in a future release.

Search applications are available to all Elastic Cloud deployments.

Search applications are also available to self-managed deployments when the subscription requirements are satisfied. View the requirements for this feature under the Elastic Enterprise Search section of the Elastic Stack subscriptions page.

Search applications documentationedit

Search applications enable users to easily create, manage and query search applications made up of one or more indices. Your search applications are integrated directly into Elasticsearch and Kibana - no standalone Enterprise Search deployment or service needed!

Because search applications are integrated as an Elasticsearch module, the APIs to manage search applications talk directly to Elasticsearch. Learn more about search application management APIs in the Elasticsearch documentation.

Managing search applications requires the manage_search_application cluster privilege, and also requires manage privileges on all indices associated with the search application.

Searching search applications is designed to be easy, but with the flexibility of working with an Elasticsearch index. See searching search applications for more information on searching search applications, and some examples of search application search templates to get started.

App Search and Workplace Searchedit

App Search and Workplace Search remain as-is, and are still available separately from search applications.