Unifying Swiftype and Elastic Support

Since Elastic joined forces with Swiftype in November of last year, we have been hard at work unifying the Swiftype and Elastic teams and systems to provide the best experience possible. On Monday, April 9th, we’re taking a big step forward on that journey: bringing Swiftype support under the Elastic support umbrella. We’re expanding the team, bringing the systems together, and laying the groundwork to move Swiftype support to a fully global model, just like we have for the rest of the Elastic products.

If you would like to know more about how Swiftype support will work, check out our Swiftype Support welcome page, which outlines how to contact us and what you can expect for response times. It also has some helpful links to documentation and the Swiftype community forum, as well as some general guidelines around what information should be submitted with you case to help it get resolved as quickly as possible.

During this transition, you can rest assured that getting in touch with us will remain as simple as ever. Starting Monday, April 9th, you’ll be able to reach out to for all of your Swiftype support needs. And if you accidentally email, don’t worry, that address still works too.

We expect this transition to be pretty seamless, and in your day-to-day experience, you won’t notice any changes. Emails will continue working as you expect, and we’ve added a new way to work with us via the support portal as well. As we make this move, we’d appreciate any feedback you may have.