Advanced configurationedit

This functionality is in beta and is subject to change. The design and code is less mature than official GA features and is being provided as-is with no warranties. Beta features are not subject to the support SLA of official GA features.

After completing the steps in the Get started documentation, you may need to continue to more advanced configuration for your deployment. See the following sections for more information:

  • Tag data for querying: Tag data collected by the host-agent into multiple logical groups so they can be queried in Kibana.
  • Add symbols for native frames: Push symbols to your cluster so you can see function names and line numbers in traces of applications written in programming languages that compile to native code (C, C++, Rust, Go, etc.).
  • Use a proxy: Set up an HTTP proxy if your infrastructure host-agent installation needs one to reach Elastic Cloud.
  • Configure probabilistic profiling: Configure Universal Profiling Agent to run in probabilistic profiling mode.